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American Suessen Corporation
11600 Goodrich Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273

Phone: 704-588-2365
Fax: 704-588-3945

Ring Spinning and Winding

We have inventory for all of your ring spinning needs, including:

Drafting and top rolls from Suessen
Replacement spindles from Novibra
Metric belting solutions
Spindle tapes
Steel Roller Bearings 
Suessen and SKF cradle pins
Replacement Components for Truetzschler Equipment (NEW PARTS - 3/2009)
And much more...

Contact ASC for complete detailsPlease look through our catalog for parts for your Marzoli, Savio, Magitex, and Cason equipment.
This is a small sample of what we carry - we are in the process of getting it all cataloged.

Catalog - in process (follow link below)
          Spinning Room Misc.
If you are having trouble finding what you need please contact ASC.